In a public discourse marked by lying and toxic shaming, it is refreshing to know God gives us the responsibility to bring sacred words into our relationships. We consider two key ways God uses us in this capacity:
1. God gives us sacred words to help others become more of whom God created them to be.
2. God gives us sacred words to give courage (“en-courage”) others.

When God is behind words, they bring healing and not hurt.

Seeking the truth at all possible cost, with courage and consideration is the mark of what we are about as God’s people…This means saying, “No!” quite a few times…
We oppose any thinking not based on reason and reality. In the ideologies being forced upon us, we are saying, “No!” quite a bit lately…

From our summer series, Proverbs: Summer of WisdomSeeking For Wisdom.

Seeking the truth of God relentlessly brings discovery of what God desires us to know about him and invites to to join him in his work together. Through Holy Spirit we have access to the very mind of God…

First in our summer series- Proverbs: Summer of Wisdom

An introduction to Proverbs and the weeks ahead. We will continue to invite the the Holy Spirit to fill us with God’s presence and encounter God’s Wisdom.
You can be a genius and filled with knowledge but this does not mean you have wisdom.
Wisdom comes from relationship with our loving Father…

As human beings, God wires us to be transformed from the moment of conception, and he wires us to be transformed spiritually by the Holy Spirit, from our new birth.

What does this look like?