My neighbor, those who are nearest me, can come from a variety of places. Likely this will be arenas of common focus.

Common Family- immediate household and extended family

Common Community- the neighborhood I live in

Common Interests- work, school, gym- anywhere that connects me to the same people on a regular basis

God shows up in a variety of ways in these venues…

Jesus has a plan for his people to move out of building-focused faith. As a Christian, when you move out in the world around you, you are dealing with people that might not share your values, but get to see your values in action.

When you bring God’s presence working through you in neighborhoods, school, work, and other locations as a natural part of the rhythm of life, there is a much greater chance of sharing the compassion of Jesus with everyone and sharing the Gospel with those who are receptive.


Pastor Lynn Cory, author and founder of Neighborhood Initiative, is our guest preacher as we launch a six week series based on his work. We are learning how to practically connect with our neighbors, and through prayer and acts of compassion, be a blessing right where we live.

We encourage you to do this series in small groups, ask a couple of friends to join you, or do it in your own home.

Pastor Lynn’s book is available at worship or you can download the Kindle version here. 

Download the participant’s guide here.

Guest preacher, LIFEhouse’s own Rebecca Leinhard, CEO of Tierra del Sol (, gives a compelling view of what it means to be created in the image of God. Using Genesis 1 and 2, Psalm 139, and her own experiences, we gain solid insights about how we all need support in our lives in a variety of ways, and how we are stronger together as we provide that support, like gardeners of a well tended garden.

“We are only as good as the supports we need to function across multiple environments…”