When we walk with Jesus and shine light in the world, we love another and are not a people of contempt…In other words, we are completely different than the mood of the day…
How does this work?


Is there going to be somebody missing this holiday season?

Are there people who will not be glad to see you?

Are there people you won’t be glad to see?

Using some helpful insights from neuroscientist and theologian Dr. Jim Wilder, I look at why we may have difficulties with holiday times, “Blue” Christmas and such, and what can be done about it.
Can we be a joy to the world?

God Time: Joy To The World?

God creates us to be in relationship with him and others. Here are five key ways that help.

1. Act like yourself
2. God has a plan; I have a purpose in God’s plan
3. From me to we
4. Seeing through the eyes of God
5. Luther’s genius bonus teaching

As we celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, I teach on the roots, a bit on Luther, and then what does the Reformation mean for us today. The message?

You get to be with God…

  • From the 500 Year Anniversary celebration on November 5, 2017


Almost everyone has someone in their family tree who was the property of another human being, forced to work for no wages, and could be bought and sold. It is just a matter of how far back you trace your roots.

But, there is a worse slavery…Slavery to sin….And we have been set free!

God Time 10/22