God uses Paul to begin expanding his Kingdom like never before. A large part of the world comes to know about Jesus resulting in the continued transformation of humanity. All this from the “little” man who surrenders to Jesus…

God’s Kingdom is God in action.
So, as we are connected to God, as he makes his home in us, we act as God acts.
The challenge of this truth is this:
Whatever is acting against God is acting against us.
This is evil. Evil is that which opposes God and his ways.
What might that be?
Part six of our series, “Lord, Teach Us to Pray”, based on the model prayer Jesus gives us, the Lord’s Prayer.

This is the fifth part of our series, “Lord, Teach Us to Pray”, based on the model prayer Jesus teaches us, the Lord’s Prayer.

Lead us not into temptation…
There’s a lot of misunderstanding we will look at concerning this teaching.
We look for God everywhere and we pray he keep us out of trouble…

This is the fourth part of our series, “Lord, Teach Us To Pray”, based on the model prayer Jesus teaches us, the Lord’s Prayer.
Tresspasses…Sins…Debts…Transgression…Iniquities…What is it all about?
Have Mercy?
Have pity…

Second in our series on prayer, Lord, Hear Our Prayer, based on the model prayer Jesus gives us, the Lord’s Prayer.
My experiences define me as a person…
Relationship is all about shared experience…
The truth is, experiences make up the substance of reality…
Thy Kingdom come!



Our experiences make up the substance of reality.

We are spiritual substance.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

The Trinity is persons sharing experiences.

The first level of sharing experiences is conversation.

Prayer is speaking with God about how things are going in our work together.

Work is joining Jesus in the expansion of Gods’ Kingdom, working for the good of others.

We are living in eternity now.

The social and political realm, and the human heart, are the only places in creation where God’s Kingdom is currently permitted to be absent.

May God’s rule be completed in my life where I am, all around me, day by day, just the way it is done in heaven.

We can be our own little kingdoms.

All the problems of the world are about wrong thinking about God.

As sons and daughters of the King, we have access to his authority and power, and we join him in offering the things of heaven, breaking into the other kingdoms, grounded in his love.


Lord, Teach Us To Pray is our new series on prayer, based on the model for prayer Jesus gives us…The Lord’s Prayer.

This is the most famous prayer in the world.
Also it may be our least thought-through prayer.
Too familiar, too automatic, too rote.

All prayer is a living conversation between a cherished dad and his children. We want to keep these words alive, put our thought into them, and pray in a way that is meaningful to us when we pray.

We will make progress in having the model of the Lord’s Prayer come alive today!

First, Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…Or…

We live in an age of identity. Identity theft, identity politics, identity confusion…What gives?

Jesus is attacked by Satan in the wilderness and it has much to do with identity.
What can we learn from Jesus?
Well, for one thing, our true identity…

Sermon on Matthew 4:1-11