We live in an age of identity. Identity theft, identity politics, identity confusion…What gives?

Jesus is attacked by Satan in the wilderness and it has much to do with identity.
What can we learn from Jesus?
Well, for one thing, our true identity…

Sermon on Matthew 4:1-11

Sometimes God uses amazing miracles to draw us to Jesus. Think about the angel appearing to the shepherds on Christmas Eve, “I bring you good news of great joy!”
Other times, God just uses what is there right in front of us. Then, we don’t need a miracle, we just need the facts.
Or , then again, are the facts themselves miracles?
What can we learn from the Magi this Epiphany Sunday? Let’s find out

Thank you to TC Christopher for delivering this sermon at short notice when I came down with a bug. He did a great job!

Promises of Advent Week Three: A Promise Each of Us Is Invited Into

Each day is an opportunity to get a little less terrible living between the expectations we have and the hope things will get better. We are called into a life of tiny little steps where we compare ourselves to who we were yesterday not who someone else is today.

Living in the Kingdom of God isn’t as much about being a monk or a spiritual pilgrim as much as it is you being you under the power of the Holy Spirit through the ordinary circumstances of your life.

Insights by David Lose, Jim Wilder, Jordan Peterson, John the Baptist…and Jesus

The Promises of Advent: A Promise So Ordinary It’s Easy To Miss

Second in a four part series (attrib. David Lose) for the season on Advent. Based on Luke 3:1-6

A Battle Royal of the seven rulers of the known world of the first century Holy Land vs. John the Nobody…and Jesus

It’s the same today, no matter what is happening in our lives, putting us down for the count, we will overcome because we have the champion of the universe fighting for us…Jeeeessssuuusss!