We thank God that the LIFEhouse Church community continues to be faithful in funding God’s mission through his church. Offering is coming in through mail, folks “delivering” their offering, and online. We are a bit behind what is “budgeted” but what is inspiring is our response as we face these times together. For everyone, please remember to partner with us in our ministry of providing physical, spiritual, pastoral, and emotional care and support for our congregation and our community. Your continued faithful financial support makes all of this possible.

Remember you can give online by clicking this link or sending your check to the LIFEhouse.

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Let me highlight one of the exciting opportunities we have to serve our community is Meals of Love. We are being used to God to bless our neighbor across the street with prayer and delvering hot and delicious meals for the staff. We are ordering these from small local “mom and pop” restaurants in order to bless those neighbors, as well. Thus far, we have raised about $3000 for this! God is good! If you wish to contribute to this, simply write love offering at bottom of the check or online, click “Love Offering” in the dropdown menu.



Lifehouse from the air

Dear LIFEhouse members and friends,

We (The Church Council) have authorized a refurbishment project for improvements and repair of damage. This includes:

  • Painting and repairs in the Bridesmaid Room
  • Painting of Brides Room
  • New flooring in the Fireside Room
  • Painting the hallway to the ladies rest room
  • Painting the mens restroom
  • Polishing the Friendship Room, Hallway, and Kitchen floor
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Total refurbishment of the terrazzo flooring in the Sanctuary and Narthex

The total cost for this will be $14,000. The Council has approved $10,000 from our maintenance budget. We are asking the congregation and friends to raise the rest.

We want to let everyone take part in making our home fresh. This is a great time for the project, as we expect everything to be done by Holy Week and Easter!

Any gift is appreciated! You can send a check designated, “Love Offering,” as well as give online, going to ONLINE GIVING on our website (lifehouse.la) and checking “Love Offering” in the dropdown menu.

Thank You for your support!

The Church Council

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We continue to pray for those affected by the recent hurricanes. If you wish to contribute to financially to those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, our Lutheran denomination is on the ground in the affected areas. Lutheran Disaster Response uses 100% of money raised to directly help people. You can give electronically online by simply clicking here for our online giving site. In the drop-down menu use: “Hurricane Response-United States.”

You can also use offering envelopes for cash and check gifts, again marking them, “Hurricane Response- United States.”

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