The Sermon on the Mount, beginning with the Beatitudes, are not so much a list of do’s and don’ts, but instead a description of, as Dallas Willard would say, “a With-God Life”…

…and Psalm 15 may be the Old Testament’s “Sermon on the Mount”…

Daily Word…Psalm 14…The search for one good person

Making value judgments of the past…Tearing down statues…Good luck finding one “good” person ever…Diogenes tried…but, then again, God did find one

Daily Word: Is there such a thing as healthy shame?
Psalm 12 speaks of using manipulation and lying to our neighbors…
What is toxic shame and is there healthy shame?

Insights from Dr. Jim Wilder

Because God wires us differently, our personalities, as it were, we might react differently to the world. Here is a self-observation…

Daily Word: Psalm 13…On not confusing personality traits with spiritual growth

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Sermon Only

Sermon: Cain and Abel…Is Envy the Original Sin?

First in our series Under The Water Line: The Stories of Our Foundation

Cain, the first human being born on earth murders the second…
It starts with envy…followed by anger, bitterness, hostility, resentment, contempt…violent revenge

Does this have to keep being our story?

With insights from Dr. Jim Wilder and Dr. Jordan Peterson