Monday February 22- Jesus and the Temple


Spend five minutes focusing on a couple of things you appreciate and thank God for them.

Mark 14:1-2

Passover – the feast of unleavened bread – was due in two days. The chief priests and the lawyers were plotting how to seize Jesus by a trick, and kill him. ‘We can’t do it at the feast,’ they said. ‘The people might riot.’

Content- Jesus and the Temple

Jesus has predicted the destruction of the Temple by pagan enemies. Jesus has acted this out his own disruption of the Temple operations. He drives out the moneychangers.

Jesus vs. Temple is the main event. A key charge against him. This false Messiah is set on disrupting the whole Jewish sacrificial system. From the slaughter of the lambs at the original Exodus to the slaughter of lambs for the coming Passover, who is he to mess with over 1000 years of history? 

Well, he must be someone who is being listened to by someone. A potential riot with a city full of people? Why isn’t everyone backing the establishment? For the status quo to remain, this rebel must go. 

The dark clouds are gathering.

The Romans will get rid of the Temple some day, but what’s the rush? They will get rid Jesus first, very soon. 


Ever notice how all the “false messiahs” who are going to save the world eventually get to violence as one of their tools of choice? Bring a sense of peace into someone’s life today.