Ephesians 1

17 I pray that the God of King Jesus our Lord, the father of glory, would give you, in your spirit, the gift of being wise, of seeing things people can’t normally see, because you are coming to know him 18 and to have the eyes of your inmost self opened to God’s light. Then you will know exactly what the hope is that goes with God’s call; you will know the wealth of the glory of his inheritance in his holy people;

Paul is letting the Ephesians know their faith in God is not in vain. Far from it, they are receiving two important visions, according to Paul. First, they are receiving vision of the glory of the coming kingdom which Jesus is bringing into reality. Second, they are seeing the power of God already available to them.

When we follow Jesus, like him, we are sons and daughters of  an adoring heavenly father who is also the ruler of the universe. We have the same authority as the King as we are princes and princesses. With our identity as God’s family, we are equipped with power to bless those around us. It is authority and power to make God’s ways the ways of the world.


When have you experienced God’s power?