Tuesday February 16


Spend five minutes focusing on a couple of things you appreciate and thank God for them.


Mark 13:1-2

As they were going out of the Temple, one of Jesus’ disciples said to him, ‘Teacher! Look at these huge stones, and these huge buildings!’

‘You see these enormous buildings?’ said Jesus. ‘There will not be one single stone left on top of another. They will all be torn down.’



It’s personal

The stones used to build Herod’s Temple are huge. They are limestone blocks from local quarries situated above where the Temple is. Some of them are 80 tons! When Nancy and I walked below Jerusalem we saw some of the  original stones that Jesus and the disciple are talking about here. Amazing how they got them to the Temple. They used oxen, wooden rollers and gravity to roll them to the Temple sight. The stonecutters would leave chunks of stone projections on the rock so that ropes could be tied around them and then a crane would be used to place them on top of each other. 

The Temple was the most massive and beautiful building for hundreds of miles and off course pilgrims going to Jerusalem are going to be impressed. Then here is Jesus being kind of a party pooper about the whole thing! 

“Yah, the stones are pretty impressive but they won’t be standing soon.” What is he saying?

An earthquake is coming?

You might say that. The sacrificial system at the center of first century Judaism has already been disrupted by Jesus when he kicks out the Temple money changers. That is just a sign of things to come. The focus on sacrifice and following manmade rules of religious rituals are is going to end. The Temple is the seat of God, but soon God will work through more than a building…God is working through people!

God allowed his people to build the Temple in Jerusalem, but that is not his first choice. God chooses to bless the world through his people. 

And the Temple will be destroyed by the Romans in about 40 years, anyway…


God is at work through me and not a church building. Wherever I go people are seeing the temple. Spend some time with God today talking about what kind of impact you are having on the lives of people around you.