John 14
My Father will love him, and We will come to him, and make Our home with him. 

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but people today, even people I would say are Christians of good will, have a completely distorted view of the concept of love from the Bible. The biblical view of love is to work for good of someone within your range of influence. What is good? What God wants for them. Instead of this view of love, in our culture today love means something far different.

Love means approving of someone doing whatever they desire. How did that happen?

When we think of God loving us it is not about God letting us have whatever we desire. Are you kidding? Any earthly parent knows what a disaster that would be, let your kids have whatever they want, so why would our heavenly Father think that way?

No, Jesus says God loving us has to do with God making his home with us. If God is at home with us then obviously we are at home with God. And God is the head of the household.

God puts limits on us all the time. There are lines we are not to cross. Fences to keep us on the right path. We call these things, “God’s ways.”

You can’t be a racist, for instance. Everyone knows that one. Intentionally working against someone because of their race is wrong. But, we tend to forget this one. You can’t be bigoted toward people you consider racist. Remember the Jesus thing about loving your enemy? Most people, including many Christians forgot this one.

It is a really a simple formula. You don’t have God on your side blessing your life if your actions are not godly.

But, when you do obey God and follow his ways, something amazing happens. You share the same home with him.

This means you share his stuff. It’s like a family refrigerator. What’s yours is mine. In the refrigerator of “life with God” all that is God’s is ours. What makes this even more amazing is God will guide us if we open ourselves to him. God will actively put his thoughts in our minds because we are home with him. We can think like Jesus.


What do you need out of God’s refrigerator today?