Ephesians 3

Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.

For Christians, we are called to be like Jesus. So, we look at situations of life as he would. How would his people act?

What would the person God made me to be do in this situation?

What would Jesus do if he were me in this situation?

What would the people of God at their best do in this situation? That’s what it means to act like yourself. Act like the person God made you to be. Jesus is already in you ready to go.

What is it like to know that you have Jesus in you ready and able to grow? “Living with the heart Jesus gave you,” Wilder calls it.

We can compare this heart of Jesus to a seed. The seed has all the potential to become a plant that bears fruit. What does the seed need? To start out, the seed needs tender loving care. Water and nourishment. Keeping weeds away. As the seed grows, there is one need for light all along the way. The plant doesn’t just grow up towards the light, the plant grows more roots to have a steady dose of nourishment. Hardship is not avoided at all cost, because challenges are necessary so resistance can make the plant grow stronger. The plant doesn’t have to go looking for hardship, it will be there as it learns to grow with other plants.

Everything we need to be like Jesus is already inside of us who belong to him. But, much of it is below ground and needs to be wakened.

This is where being a RARE leader comes in. A RARE leader is really good at seeing Jesus in others and influencing that to come out. Most people see only the negative and the weakness in others. We rarely see who they really are, meaning see them like God sees them. Until we can look at other’s through God’s eyes, we will not be able to help them act like themselves.


Today, try to look at people the way God sees them.