aircraft-77971_1280Isaiah 9
For all the sandals of the tramping warriors and all the garments rolled in blood shall be burned as fuel for the fire.

And hope comes where it is most evident…
Here we see another kind of fire. A fire where the sandals of warriors and their blood soaked clothes are burned for good.
We talk a lot about a world without violence and war. When you don’t seek revenge and you work for the good of others, no matter who they are- That is a formula for working towards a world without violence and war.
In other words following Jesus. We move in a world of less violence when we raise children with this hope. From day one when children realize they are loved by us and we are glad to be with them, when children are encouraged that their lives will go well, this is possible as we follow Jesus.
Jesus never used hate as a motivator. Jesus never saw himself as a victim, though no one had more reason to see himself as treated unfairly than he. This is why following Jesus makes so much sense and why true hope can be a way of life. If you raise your children to hate or raise them to see themselves as victims their lives will not go well. The evidence of this is all around us if we have eyes to truly see.

Where are you most peaceful?