Psalm 105

Exult in his holy name; rejoice, you who worship the Lord.

To exult, is to rely on. To put your trust in. When we rely on God and put our trust in him, we are saying he is worthy. And that is the definition of “worship.” “Declaring God is worthy.”

So, yes, we do gather to worship God. It is part of the rhythm of our lives.

But, blessing my neighbors is the bulk of what I do as a Christian. One way I can bless my neighbor is to come to a worship service with my neighbor, and we can join together and declare Jesus is worthy. Worship is all about Jesus.

That’s why when I hear something like, “How did worship go on Sunday?”  I have no idea how to respond. How many people were in attendance? That has nothing to say about the worth of God. If there are more people attending worship today than there were last week does that mean God is worthier this week?

How about how it went for the people there? It’s not about the people who are there, God is the object of worship. So, again, I don’t know how it went. God is the object of worship and he is the only one who can answer that.

Now, I can have a clue about how worship went. For instance, people sang songs to God. How do you think God likes your singing? As he is your dad in heaven, my guess is he loves to hear you sing. What good dad is going to hear their child sing and say, “I wasn’t really blessed by my kid’s singing this morning?”

Worship is about God. Worship is declaring him worthy. Sunday morning might be what you think of when you hear, “worship,” but your whole life is really a true indication of the worth you ascribe to God.


How are you worshiping God? How are you declaring him worthy by the way you live your life? Make progress this week.

New Sunday Morning Schedule@ LIFEhouse: Four Generations Worshiping Together!

April 3rd at 10 a.m. marks an exciting “reboot” for the LIFEhouse community Sunday morning experience that will bring joy to the West Valley and our church family. The whole LIFEhouse community will worship at 10 a.m. Four generations worshiping God together!

The worship format will continue to be like our former 9 a.m. service. Each week we have practical Bible teachings, usually preaching verse-by-verse through the Scriptures. Currently we are in the Gospel of Mark. Worship is joyous and spirit-filled, led by the Holy Spirit and accompanied by the Band. Holy Communion is a highlight of worship as we celebrate our family meal.

The LIFEhouse Church community is rare in the present state of modern churches. Unlike most, LIFEhouse Church gathers together four generations strong! We experience the Gather, Word, Meal, and Send rhythm of our worship life together, and we are sensitive to our wider Christian fellowship and informed by the best of our Lutheran influence..

On the third Sunday of each month, we will have a community celebration, embracing our heritage and “honoring our fathers and mothers.” Worship will be led by band and organ, and it will include a special children’s message. We will experience the intimate setting of Holy Communion around the altar, and we will ponder the more ancient furnishings, clergy wear, and symbols that lift up the Gospel in color and beauty.

What Else?

We have free nursery care staffed by our Preschool. This is available throughout the morning for infants- three year olds. Of course, our preschool staff is fully vetted and trained in CPR and First Aid.

Beginning May 1, we will have a separate Sunday School class for Preschool-K children in the Rainbow Room. This class will also be staffed by our Preschool.

Sunday School for Grade 1-5 will continue to meet in the Hall. Music, prayer, crafts and Bible teaching are the order for the day.

Wednesday February 24- Extravagant Worship


Spend five minutes focusing on a couple of things you appreciate and thank God for them.


Mark 14:4-5

4 Some of the people there grumbled to one another. ‘What’s the point of wasting the ointment?’ they asked. 5‘ That ointment could have been sold for a year’s wages, and given to the poor.’ And they were angry with her.


Content- Worship is personal

We enjoy criticizing other people when it comes to the money they spend. If they are going into debt, of course it is a concern. But, we criticize people for spending what they do have? When did that all of a sudden become our concern?

In the case of criticizing Mary for anointing Jesus, if you are so concerned about the poor, why not give more of your own money to that cause?

On another level, let’s get beyond the money theme here and realize Mary is anointing Jesus as an act of declaring his worthiness. Worthy enough to warrant a 30-50k dollar gift. It is an act of devotion and gratitude to the one who brings new life into her life. Mary is giving an example of extravagant worship and she is being criticized for it.

What about today? What do we criticize about others when it comes to worshiping Jesus?

Stop it.

We are always going to be wrong.


We are trying to tell someone else how they are supposed to show their gratitude to Jesus. We do not have a say about someone else’s heart.  Only God does.


If you attend a worship service this week, imagine Jesus is there in front of you. Imagine he knows what you are thinking. He is and he does. Now, what is he thinking about your worship personally? 

Thursday, October 24th

6:00-8:15 p.m.

Join us for a fascinating evening on the topic of, “Music.”

Music and Me (Worship)

  • Music is “present art” and we experience God in the present. Coincidence?
  • Octaves and the composition of Creation
  • Sacred music: The Psalms of Zion
  • Temple worship
  • Sacred music history
  • Experiencing worship together

Dinner, teaching, small group discussion

Childcare is available

Everyone Welcome!